Something I noticed in Supernatural…


you wanna know what I find odd? The angels told sam and dean that the pairing of john and Mary Winchester was a “very big deal upstairs” and that Sam and Dean needed to be born blah blah blah, but if they were a pairing that NEEDED to happen, then why did they let Mary make a deal with the yellow eyed demon to save john when they could’ve just brought john back.. they basically sat on their asses, and let mary sign her life away to a demon. that’s fucked up, 

Wasn’t Sam supposed to lead an army of demons, and that was supposed to happen because Azazel did the whole blood thing when he was a baby? I like to think that if that whole thing had been carried out the way the demons had planned, Lucifer would have been raised earlier and Sam still would have been used as his vessel like he was supposed to be. Since they both were apocalypses, they probably were connected, so maybe Mary making a deal with Azazel was part of the big scheme and the angels needed it to happen to have Dean born as Michael’s vessel and Sam born as Lucifers